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About Sweetlayercake

Welcome to Sweetlayercake, your online destination for specially curated cake decorating items sourced from independent retailers across the globe. The Sweetlayercake shop carries everything that makes your cake pretty. Whether it’s a small or large occasion or a quiet cake time with a few, you’re sure to find something to take your cake party to the next level.

How it all started

My baking addiction started when I was 6 and I tasted the best, candy tossed, pink buttercream, birthday cake. It was my 6th birthday and I became a cake convert from that moment.

I started baking when I was 13 and I would save every single penny I had to buy ingredients to make baked goods. By the age of 16, I started baking cakes and treats for family and friends and I was the girl that turned up at everyone’s birthday with a cake.

Fast forward years later, my love for baked goods grew into something more and when I immersed myself into the world of cakes, I quickly realised that some of my favourite decorating items were not readily available close to home. This plus my love for pretty things led to the birth of the Sweetlayercake shop.

As well as baking cakes, I started curating some of my favourite baking and cake decorating products and I had the urge to source high-quality products from across the globe for the UK market and create a place where shopping for cake products feels like having a friend who knew all the secrets for having the best cake party.

I believe everyone deserves a beautiful cake party; and as that famous quote by Julia Child says "A party without cake is just a meeting".

My aim is to carefully curate on-trend and high-quality cake supply products for you that will make your cakes unique and beautiful. As I start on this wonderful journey, I hope you are as excited as I am to share this cake filled journey with me.

Thanks for stopping by!